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Oil Capacities*
*provided by Agip (Eni S.p.A Divisione Refining & Marketing)
Lancia Thema 8.32
Engine Oil
7.7 Ltrs.
Transmission Oil
1.8 Ltrs.
10.0 Ltrs.
  Engine Oil  
AGIP4290 ENI Sport 10w-60 (Car), full synthetic 1 Ltr 721291
ENI Sport 10w-60 (Car), full synthetic 4 Ltr 721292
ENI Sport 10w-60 is a fully synthetic engine oil of the newest generation, especially for high-performance gasoline engines in sports use respectively other highest engine loads. The latest generation of engine lubricant formulated to satisfy the demand for an outstanding product in terms of engine protection and performance. High- performance advanced full-synthetic lubricant for naturally aspirated, turbo and race engines.

Product Specifications:  API: SL Package Performance  CCMC  G5/PD-2

(8.32: All)
Brand: Eni
eni i-Sint MS 5w-40, synthetic 1 Ltr 102291
eni i-Sint MS 5w-40, synthetic 4 Ltr 102292
eni i-Sint MS 5W-40 is a quality synthetic “mid SAPS” (MS) lubricant specifically formulated to lubricate gasoline or Diesel engines of cars which require lubricants of the newest technology. These lubricants are to meet new performance specifications from relevant OEMs, to reduce exhaust pollutants in combination with DPF and comply with the latest emission legislation.

Product Specifications:  ACEA C3, A3/B4-04  API SM/CF  BMW Longlife 04  MB 229.51  VW 502 00 + 505 00 + 505 01  PORSCHE A40

(8.32: All)
eni i-Sint 5w-40, synthetic 1 Ltr 102391
eni i-Sint 5w-40, synthetic 4 Ltr 102392
eni i-Sint 5W-40 is a high- performance synthetic lubricant, specifically formulated to meet the requirements of gasoline and Diesel engines of passenger cars.

Product Specifications:  API SM/CF  ACEA A3/B4  BMW LongLife 01  MB 229.3  RENAULT RN0700, 0710  PORSCHE A40  VW 502 00 + 505 00  GM LL-B-025

(8.32: All)
Alternative Options  

Agip F1 Super Motor Oil 15w-40, mineral 4 Ltr
Multigrade engine oil of highest performance level for the dependable lubrication of modern passenger car gasoline and diesel engines.

Product Specifications: API: SL/CF (donut); ACEA: A3-98/B3; VW: 501.01/505.00; CMMC: G4/PD-2; MB: 229.1; MIL: L-46152D; GM: 6085M; FORD: SSM-2C 9011-A / US M2C 153-C
(8.32: All)

Agip Tecsint SL 5w-40, ester full synthetic 4 Ltr
Fully synthetic high-fuel efficiency oil of the Agip technology with indicated fuel saving in modern passenger cars engines.

Product Specifications:  API: SM/CF  ACEA A3/B3/B4  VW 502.00/505.00  MB 229.3

Supersedes: Agip Sint Evolution
  Transmission Oil  
Castrol SAF-XJ 75w-140, fully synthetic 1 Ltr
Fully synthetic SAE 75w-140 hypoid gear oil, formulated for use in both conventional and limited slip differentials.
  power steering  
AGIP4290 ENI Rotra ATF III, 1 Ltr
Power transmission oil for highly stressed automatic transmissions and power steering of vehicles, as well as in the section transmission and hydraulic, as long as automatic transmission fluids (ATF) are recommended.

Product Specifications:  GM DEXRON III (id. G-34193)  ALLISON C4 (id. C4-22452596)  BMW  FORD MERCON  MB 236.1/236.7  MAN 339 type F  VOITH G607  ZF TE-ML 3/11B/14D

(8.32: All)
Brand: Eni
  Workshop Equipment  
AGIP7025 Fluid Measure with flexible spout, 5 Ltr
For lubricants, antifreeze, brake fluid, petroleum, diesel, etc. Moulded in high density polyethylene, with flexible spout.
AGIP7020 Funnel with filter and flexible spout, 3.5 ltr
No-spill, no-splash, quick-discharge funnel with filter and flexible spout.
Eni Keyring
Yellow rubber keyring with black and red Eni six-legged dog
ENI7135 Official Eni Flag, horizontal
150 x 100 cm
ENI7130 Official Eni Flag, vertical  
100 x 200 cm ENI7130
200 x 465 cm ENI7131
200 x 600 cm ENI7132