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Oil Capacities
Ferrari 328
Engine Oil
10.0 Ltrs.
Transmission Oil
4.0 Ltrs.
22.0 Ltrs.
  Engine Oil  
ENI0162 eni i-Sint 10w-40, synthetic 1 Ltr. 102491
eni i-Sint 10W-40 is an engine lubricant with synthetic basestock designed to lubricate cars of the latest model even when operating under the severest conditions.
Product Data Sheet

Product Specifications:  API Service SM/CF  ACEA A3/B4  MB 229.3  VW 502 00 + 505 00

(328: All)
ENI Sport 10w-60 (Car), full synthetic 1 Ltr 721291
ENI Sport 10w-60 (Car), full synthetic 4 Ltr 721292
ENI Sport 10w-60 is a fully synthetic engine oil of the newest generation, especially for high-performance gasoline engines in sports use respectively other highest engine loads. The latest generation of engine lubricant formulated to satisfy the demand for an outstanding product in terms of engine protection and performance. High- performance advanced full-synthetic lubricant for naturally aspirated, turbo and race engines.

Product Specifications:  API: SL Package Performance  CCMC  G5/PD-2
(328: All)

   Alternative Options  
ENI i-Sint Classic Oil 20w-50, mineral 1 Ltr.

ENI Classic Oil is a general-purpose oil for every type of engine where the manufacturer recommends a multi-grade oil or when the operator prefers to use only one grade throughout the year. It is suitable for spark-ignition and diesel engines under mild duty.
Supersedes: Agip Super Motor Oil 20W-50; Agip Classic Motor Oil 15w-50; Agip Sint 2000 10w-50, 15w-50 & 20w-50

Product Specifications: API Service SF/CC; CCMC European Sequence G2, D1; US Department of the Army MIL-L-46152C
  Transmission Oil  
Castrol SAF-XJ 75w-140, fully synthetic 1 Ltr
Fully synthetic SAE 75w-140 hypoid gear oil, formulated for use in both conventional and limited slip differentials.
ENI Antifreeze Plus, 20 Ltr. 1678150
ENI ANTIFREEZE PLUS is a special amines, phosphates, nitrite-free liquid for mixing with demineralized water in vehicle cooling circuits.

Product Specifications: VW TL 774 C (G 11)BMWMAN 324 Typ NF
ASTM D 2809CUNA NC 956-16/97CUNA NC 956-10MaseratiNATO S-759

(328: All)
ENI Antifreeze Spezial Ready BX, 1 Ltr. 1678491
ENI ANTIFREEZE Spezial Ready is a special amines, phosphates, nitrite-free liquid for mixing with demineralized water in vehicle cooling circuits.To obtain the full advantages of the high performance of this product, it is advisable not to mix it with other types of antifreeze.
(328: All)
ENI Antifreeze Extra, 1 Ltr. 160972
ENI ANTIFREEZE EXTRA is a nitrite, amine, phosphate free liquid for mixing with demineralized water suitable for use in almost all types of motor-vehicle cooling circuits.
Product Data Sheet

Product Specifications: ASTM D 1384CUNA NC 956-16 ed. ‘97FF.SS. cat. 002/132

(328: All)
  brake fluid  
ENI Brake Fluid DOT 4, 250ml 1676094
ENI Brake Fluid DOT 4, 500ml 1676095
ENI Brake Fluid DOT 4, 1 Ltr.
High quality brake fluid for hydraulic brake systems and hydraulic clutches. Extremely high dry-boiling point prevents the possibility of vapour lock or fade during hard use. Does not affect rubber seals, plastic or metal surfaces.
Product Specifications: Minimum Wet Boiling Point 155°C, FMVSS 116, DOT 4 & DOT 3, SAE J 1703

(328: All)
  Grease for Wheel Bearings  
ENI Grease GR MU/EP 2, mineral 400g
ENI GR MU are high-quality lithium soap special-lubricating greases and special-gearbox greases based on mineral oil.  Water resistant extreme pressure lithium based grease for heavy loaded bearings and gears.

Product Specifications:  Lithium Grease, NLGI: 2;  Worked Penetration, 280dmm;  ASTM Dropping Point, 185°C

(328: All)
  Workshop Equipment  
AGIP7025 Fluid Measure with flexible spout, 5 Ltr
For lubricants, antifreeze, brake fluid, petroleum, diesel, etc. Moulded in high density polyethylene, with flexible spout.
AGIP7020 Funnel with filter and flexible spout, 3.5 ltr
No-spill, no-splash, quick-discharge funnel with filter and flexible spout.
Eni Keyring
Yellow rubber keyring with black and red Eni six-legged dog
ENI7135 Official Eni Flag, horizontal
150 x 100 cm
ENI7130 Official Eni Flag, vertical  
100 x 200 cm ENI7130
200 x 465 cm ENI7131
200 x 600 cm ENI7132